Complaints against members of the North East Combined Authority 

The North East Combined Authority (North East CA) has adopted a Code of Conduct which sets out the conduct that is expected of elected members appointed to the Combined Authority (including the Mayor and substitute members) and voting co-opted members of its committees when they are acting in that capacity.  

This means the code applies whenever they conduct the business of the North East CA (including the business of their office as an elected member appointed to the Combined Authority) or act, claim to act or give the impression they are acting as a representative of the North East CA.

If you consider that a member of the North East CA has breached the Code of Conduct in some way a complaint can be made.The points listed below will help you decide whether this is the correct process to use when making your complaint:

  • Your complaint must be about conduct that occurred while the member(s) complained about were in office. Conduct of an individual before they were elected, co-opted or appointed to the North East CA, or after they have resigned or otherwise ceased to be a member, cannot be considered.
  • Your complaint must be about one or more named members of the Combined Authority.
  • Your complaint must be that the member(s) has, or may have, breached the Code of Conduct.
  • Complaints about dissatisfaction with a decision or action of the Authority, or one of its committees, or the Authority’s procedures do not fall within the scope of the North East CA Code of Conduct for Members.

Anyone who wishes to make a complaint against a member must complete the form below and return it to the NTCA’s Monitoring Officer either by post or email. The full Code of Conduct and the process to be followed when a complaint has been made against a member can be read here.

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