In preparing this draft budget, investment plans were designed for delivery of the activity that is outlined in our portfolios.

The budget has enabled the integration of five organisations that were disbanded and reformed as the North East Combined Authority.

Corporate Budget

This chart sets out the indicative funds the authority will have available for investment to deliver against its priorities from 7 May 2024 to 31 March 2025.

A donut chart showing a breakdown of the corporate budget for the North East Combined Authority.

What the authority will invest

This shows the budgeted cost of running the Combined Authority, representing the estimated capacity and resources required to deliver to vision for the Combined Authority in the first year.

A donut chart showing a breakdown of what the authority will invest in the first year.

Public Contracts Regulations 2015

Regulation 113 of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 requires all contracting authorities to pay undisputed invoices within 30 days. There is a requirement under Regulation 113(7) of the Public Contracts Regulations Act 2015 that from April 2016 onwards the authority must publicise the following information:

  • Percentage of Invoices to first tier suppliers/prime contractors of invoices (not under dispute) paid within 30 days
  • The total amount of interest that the contracting authority is liable to pay (whether or not paid) due to breach of Regulation 113
  • The actual amount of interest paid to suppliers due to a breach of Regulation 113

Annual statements of accounts

You will find our Annual statements of accounts here. 

Transparency data

You will find our Transparency data here including:

  • Monthly spend over £500
  • Annual response to Public Contract Regulations Act 2015

Annual audit information

You will find our Annual audit information here, including:

  • Auditor appointment
  • Audited statements

How to pay the authority

You can make a payment via your bank or building society using North-East Combined
Authority’s bank account number and sort code:

• Bank account number: 66629868
• Sort code: 30-93-71
• Bank: Lloyds Bank Plc

Our head office address is:

North East Combined Authority
The Lumen
St James Boulevard
Newcastle Helix
Newcastle upon Tyne NE4 5BZ

All remittances, invoices and other financial records to be addressed to: with the organisation name North East Combined Authority in the subject title.

VAT registration number

The North East Combined Authority’s VAT registration number is: GB244312340

Annual budget plans

You will find our Annual Budget Plans here.

Financial regulations & other sections of constitution

You will find our financial regulations & other sections of the constitution here.

Nationally held statistics

You can find nationally held statistics here: 

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