Bus Service Improvement Plan

The North East Bus Service Improvement Plan outlines regionwide ambitions to make buses more attractive by making them an affordable and practical alternative to using private cars for more people and helping existing bus users to travel more frequently.

The region’s first Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP) unveiled a new £804 million bid to Government which transport leaders are confident will dramatically transform bus services across the North East.

The ambitious plan aims to return bus use – currently 25% lower than before the pandemic – to pre-Covid levels by the end of the next financial year and to grow by 10% each year thereafter. This would provide a major economic boost to the region, reduce road congestion, and contribute towards climate change targets.

The numerous measures proposed include improvements to timetables and fares, extensive priority measures on roads and at junctions to speed buses up – including two new Park & Ride sites, new and attractive waiting facilities, a set of affordable fare “caps” that work across all buses and Metro services, lower fares for many young people and simplified and improved information.

The North East BSIP is the region’s response to the Government’s National Bus Strategy for England which was published in March 2021. It was approved by the North East Joint Transport Committee on 26 October 2021 and submitted to the Department for Transport. The plan is refreshed annually.

Fleet of seven electric buses parked in a chevron formation.

Bus Service Improvement Plan

Read the latest refresh of the North East Bus Service Improvement Plan published in October 2023.

North East Enhanced Partnership

The North East Enhanced Partnership is a forum for local transport authorities and bus operators to work in partnership to deliver an enhanced bus network for the region.

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